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Chimney Cleanings & Inspections

Regular chimney cleanings and inspections are important to keep your fireplace safe and venting properly.  A buildup of soot can lead to a chimney fire which can cause damage to the inside of the fireplace and the chimney flu.  Chimney cleanings and inspections are highly recommended as they are the first and most crucial step in maintaining your fireplace.

Chimney Repairs/Rebuilds

We specialize in repairing and rebuilding brick chimneys. Metro Chimney Inc. has built and repaired countless chimneys throughout the GTA.  We take pride in our work, we provide free estimates, and we don’t require deposits on jobs under $5,000.  Call or email now for any inquiries.

Fireplace/Hearth Repair

If the bricks on the inside of your fireplace need to be repaired, the floor of your fireplace is cracked, or your damper is broken and needs to be replaced, you have called the right company.  At Metro Chimney Inc. we specialize in the restoration of fireboxes, brick fireplaces and damper replacement.  Call or email now for any inquiries.

Tuck-pointing/Masonry Repairs

Tuck-pointing and masonry repairs are an essential form or preventive maintenance.  Tuck-pointing is necessary when mortar joints begin to erode or crack and masonry repairs are needed when brick damage is becoming apparent. Keeping up with minor repairs you will save you money in the long run.  Call or email now for any inquiries.

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